Hello World

Why I’m never starting a blog:

  1. People will make fun of me
  2. People will think I’m super self obsessed
  3. People will get offended
  4. People will take my words out of the intended context/not get my humour

Why I’m starting one:

  1. I started every reason for why I shouldn’t with “people,” and you shouldn’t be afraid to do something because of what other people think. (Unless it’s something bad and the people you’re afraid of are the police).
  2. “Why not” – Hilary Duff
  3. I enjoy reading blogs and maybe someone* will enjoy reading mine
  4. If people don’t like it, they can lump it

*It is literally hard to say “no” to someone when they’re performing gum surgery on you. When my periodontist challenged me to start a blog (while stitching a gum graft to my front teeth), I accepted – so thank you Dr. Walsh, I hope you’re my first follower of many 🙂

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