Learnings from XC Provincials

I ran at the BC XC Champs on the weekend and it was HARD. When you’re not in good shape running is tough. Running cross-country in any shape is tougher.

That said, it was a beauteous day in Abbotsford, the cows were mooing, the sun was shining, and there wasn’t a puddle in sight. I had a blast taking over the Brooks Canada Instagram story for the day, seeing friends at the course, and witnessing some awesome performances. Special shout outs to Jack* and Kirsten for qualifying for their first senior BC teams to compete at Nationals later this month!

My goals for the race were to finish strong, be positive, and get in a great workout. Mission accomplished. The course was shy of 6km, and I ended up running 22:05 and placing 47.th. My coach and I agreed that while I’m lacking fitness (especially strength), it was a good starting point for this time of year.

However, I felt frustrated for the remainder of the day. Whether it’s running, school, work, board games, (anything really),  I’m always competitive. Weakness or not, I tend to only place myself in situations where I know I’ll excel, and if I don’t, I make changes. Being so far off the front pack isn’t excelling. I know that being competitive wasn’t the point of running BCs and that if I gave into the impulse to only do things I’m good at I would never improve. But I still hate being out of the race – and that’s OK – I’ll need to hold on to this motivation for the long months of winter training ahead.



*Jack came out of nowhere on the final lap and grabbed the bronze in true William’s style. He then “went to the other side” and was basically dead for 40 minutes. It’s (almost) funny now, but at the time it was super scary. Imagine the drunkest person you’ve ever seen (and not “funny drunk”, call 911 and get them hospitalized drunk). That’s what Jack was like after busting out a stellar 8km after a two year XC hiatus. He was swaggering all over the place, disoriented, and viciously determined not to eat any yogurt-covered raisins. Thankfully, after electrolytes and care from family/friends he returned to planet earth.

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