A Few of my Favourite Things (About Running)


From coaches and teammates to strangers that you pass on the street, there’s a sense of camaraderie and friendship no matter where you go in the world. Give a wave and say hi, it’s nice.

Accomplishing goals

Distances, times, events, attitudes – the opportunities to set goals and work towards them are endless.

Participating in nature

Look around. Take it in. When it’s beautiful it’s awesome and when it’s not, it’s hard to top the feeling of completing a kick a$$ workout despite the pouring rain, wind, and other elements conspiring against you.

Exploring new places/revisiting old ones

A new city, an old town, somewhere aboard, a travellers destination, a work trip, your elementary school, the track you ran your first race on, the place your family went on the weekend… Running is fluid, faster, and more personal than any other way of commuting.


Running is hard. You can do it.


I wouldn’t call it running away from your problems… I’d call it running through your problems. Thinking about them, solving them, putting them in perspective, it’s easier when you’re running.

Feeling your body living/working

Be kind to yourself and appreciate what your body can do. It’s pretty neat.


You can do it anytime, anywhere. Get going!


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