The Energy Bar Bachelorette: Episode 1


Last week I introduced the contestants and provided some background on what I’m looking for in a protein partner (protein/nutritional content, sweetness, price). This week we find out the winner of the “first impression bite,” who will have an automatic qualification into the next round. While the first impression bite winner is the early favourite, they’re often bullied by the other contestants out of jealousy so I will have to keep an eye on the cupboard and make sure they’re all getting along.

While I’m impressed (and so flattered!) by the quality of protein bars available for me to consume, I know I must stay true to my goals and not get distracted by flashy wrappers and exotic flavours. After taking a very brief read of some of the bars nutritional information and attempting to learn where they came from, it’s time for…

The first impression bite:

Solo bar is the winner! The dark chocolate mandarine is delicious, as is the peanut butter and mocha fudge. 

I do have concerns about if there is enough protein content here…. but our initial connection is so strong I would be crazy to deny this bar a bite.

It’s now time for the first chomping ceremony. I attempt to remember everyone’s names and wish I had Chris Harrison on hand to support me with some flashcards.

The Top Three:




The “Clif Conglomerate”: a classic contestant with much to offer, speculation is already circulating that Clif will be getting the first one-on-one snack date.


Simply Protein: Excellent conversation and protein content, keen to learn more.


ONE: I can’t deny my interest in this brand. The boarder difference is going to make a relationship a challenge… does distance ever work??!

Eliminated/Going Back to the Grocery Store:


Larabar: the peanut butter chocolate chip tastes delicious and while I would love to eat it again, these bars just don’t have the substance I’m looking for. With my protein needs around 15g, the approx. 4g of protein in these bars it just not enough to justify keeping them past a first date


Kind bar: like Lara, these bars are super tasty and make a great snack, but their low protein count just isn’t going to work for me after a big workout.




Vector: despite my love for these bars during my time at UBC, I no longer feel the same excitement for them. They are good, but there isn’t a very high protein content and there is only two flavours – which I don’t think is enough to keep the excitement alive in the years to come.

Last minute additions:

The fans have spoken! Just as the chomping ceremony was coming to a tearful close (full of promises for this to be the most dramatic Bachelor season ever), ANOTHER shopping bag arrived and out came the following *new* contestants:



Recommended by elite Canadian masters runner Catherine Watkins, RX bar is all about natural ingredients and transparency. The website states “no surprises here. One look at our wrapper, and you can see what we’re all about.” IMO communication is one of the most important factor in a lasting relationship, so I’m intrigued to see if they can live up to the bold “No BS” promise.




Med school student, All American hurdler, lover of penguins… I would take Katherine’s word as law. She speaks highly of Temple, but cautioned on how difficult it is to find them in-store. Honestly, this only makes me more interested. After-all, isn’t real love meant to be rare? And who doesn’t want what they can’t have?



TBH this one caught my eye when Ameera recommended it because of the name (like naked hehehe) and her promise of excellent performance in the “fantasy sweet” department… who could say no to that? While at first glance this bar might only be about sex appeal – there is a decent protein content too! Wow, could this contestant be beauty AND brains?

Coming Up Next Time:

The first one-on-one snack date! Which bar will it be with?  Check back next week to see what happens.

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