Sun Diego: Training camp 2018

Training Camp. The adult version of summer camp (if you only did one sport and spent a lot of time talking about it). Our small-but-mighty training group “Pacific Elite,” headed down to San Diego for the past nine days to #PutInWork and escape the Vancouver winter. It was awesome to spend time in a place so dear to Coach Lynn’s heart and visit a couple “landmarks” that are also familiar to Jack, Tamara, and myself after many trips with Marek and UBC (aka. the The Bahia Resort & Mr. Ruribertos).


“Pacific Elite”

We stayed in a great little condo in the Mission Bay/Pacific Beach area and spent our time running, cross training (in outdoor pools #bless), checking out new tracks, and playing Codenames – it made for a great week and a bit. The timing of this camp acted as a primer for Tash before Common Wealth Games, and a confidence boost for the rest of us heading into our outdoor seasons. Woo Hoo!

On the track

The ladies hit some solid speed sessions at SDSU! Tamara and I PB’d mid workout in the 300m running a 40s rep (Coach Lynn told us to “let the cat out of the bag” – I joked we accidentally let the tiger out of the zoo), and Tash smashed a 600m PB in 1:36. Honestly she probably should have just kept going and PB’d in the 800m too – watch out world, she’s a middle distance runner now!

Tamara and I encountered some serious lactic acid when we met our new “friend” the 30 second rest, but we managed to keep it together and finished our session strong.

I’ve often struggled with being mentally engaged and positive at practice, but I’ve noticed a complete change in my attitude. I would credit this to a couple factors:


Selfie with Coach Lynn

  1. Having an inspiring and hard-working team to train with
  2. Following a plan that has flexibility and fun at the core (in addition to improving weaknesses)
  3. Stepping away from work/school has allowed me to save my mental focus for the track. I’m no longer arriving at workout exhausted and stressed out. This is my “job” now (which is so awesome).

At Ski Beach:

Coach Lynn is a big fan of the Brazilian workout (click here to see her YouTube video of it). I’d be very curious to know what people at the park thought we were doing… They might not have believed we’re “high performance” athletes. I’m fairly new to the Brazilian workout, but I am loving it – in a “no pain no gain” sort of way. It is hard, and requires an impressive amount of coordination.


Lynn said I deserved a box of raisins for the most improved Brazilian so it was pretty much the best day ever.


Real talk: running is a sport where your weight can feel more important than it is. It’s easy to think “if I weighed less I would run faster” or “so-and-so is lighter than me and they’re running fast, so that must be the reason.” These thoughts are dangerous. I don’t feel qualified to speak about nutrition, eating disorders and/or body image, but I do know that I’ve found myself increasingly aware – in both good ways and bad – of my body in the past few months.

Good Awareness: Feeling myself getting stronger, fitter and faster

Negative Awareness: comparing my body to other athletes

You can’t control everything, especially your thoughts – but you can control the direction they go in. I’ve found it helpful to think of being kind to myself, and remembering that the only number that matters is the one on the clock at the end of your race, and not the one on the scale.

It was super refreshing to hear Natasha talk about food in a healthy and human way. She eats chocolate and loves it. Does she eat it all day every day? No. Does she have self control? Yes. The best treat of the trip IMO was chocolate covered honey comb (see photo below – this would be Winnie the Pooh’s crack).


We also took to the kitchen and made a meal each. If you want a more detailed recipe please comment on this blog post and I will post more information. The basic menu was as follows:

Chef Tamara made an excellent oven-baked salmon with veggies. Tash sliced about a million vegetables and made a healthy and tasty quinoa chicken salad paired with olive bread and a *deluxe* olive oil/balsamic dip. Jack and I rounded out the meals with a spinach steak salad paired with a pesto pasta.



San Diego Zoo, tacos, the beach, and a lot of Codenames. If you’ve never played, Codenames is a great group game – but maybe don’t play with a group of hyper competitive athletes unless you’re looking to find yourself in some tense moments. I think Natasha feared that Jack and I would end our relationship (she’s never seen us play Game of Thrones Board Game – that gets waaaaaay worse).


We also went and watched Red Sparrow, hung out at the beach, and tried a bunch of new protein bars (new episode of my Bar Bachelorette series dropping soon).

That’s all for now! I’m looking forward to opening my season in April – likely back in California at the Bryan Clay invitational (TBC).


Until next time SD!



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