The Energy Bar Bachelorette: Episode 3

I have a confession to make. While I’m trying to keep the playing field fair, I’ve given a slight advantage to one of the contestants. Simply came with me to New Zealand .


I’ve started seeing an awesome registered dietitian/sport nutritionist and she suggested these bars as a recovery option for easy(ier) training days when I wouldn’t need a big bar to recover (ex. after a pool session or short run). These bars are super tasty and have a great amount of protein – especially considering the low 150-calorie count. They remind me of “Rice Krispies treats” if they grew up, went to college, became a busy executive and started working out.


This moment of sibling love and NZ activity brought to you by Simply Protein Bar

We (me and Simply) had a great time in New Zealand. These bars are light, crunchy, and they contain no artificial sugars. Plus they’re Canadian and come from a female founded company!!! Wow. I think my crush has grown into real feeeeeeeeelings.


So far I’ve tried and loved the peanut butter and the maple pecan. This one even has a maple leaf on it!! How cute (& Canadian).

Two-on-One Snack Date:

Typically (in Bachelor world), there are two contestants and one bachelorette on the infamous two-on-one dates, but today there are two girls one bar (he he he). Please welcome my *special guest*, Canadian 10,000m record holder and Olympian: Natasha Wodak! T-Fierce and I brought our bars in San Diego to fuel our training camp on the recommendation of fellow Canadian runner, Catherine Watkins. Tash grabbed a coconut chocolate and I opt’d for chocolate sea salt. (Can you tell we like chocolate?)


Wow. No BS and No flavour. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. Disappointed, confused, wounded… These bars look great and there’s no denying that they’re a healthy option. Apparently it is too much to ask that you look great and taste great too.

Tash didn’t even finish hers, tossing it to Jack who remarked:

“I might as well have taken dirt and put it between some bran.”

– Jack, Canadian National XC team member & boyfriend of the bar bachelorette

Things are not looking good for RXBAR. I don’t know if I even want to try the mixed berry flavour I bought.

SoLo Meets my Mom:

I didn’t intend for any of the contestants to meet my family until “home town week,” but I’ve once again broken my own rules.


Photo taken by Jocelyn

Obviously my own (protein) needs are more important than my family’s perception of a bar – but I’m close with my mom and sister and challenges could arise down the road if they don’t approve of the relationship. My mom (Jocelyn), took SoLo on a 7km snow shoe which gave them a lot of time alone together.

Upon her return, I immediately asked if she thought SoLo had enough substance to be my long term partner? She said she really enjoyed the bar’s company, but needs to get to know them a little better before she can give her blessing. It’s clear that I like SoLo (a lot) because I’m anxious for them to make a good impression on mama J and instantly feel relief when she remarks:

“SoLo was a great companion for a winter hike. Tasty. The texture was much better than any other bar I’ve tried, which I only ate because I needed to. Today I had an enjoyable snack experience and felt like I was eating something because I wanted to, not because I had to.”

– Jocelyn, Mother of the Bar Bachelorette

When I asked her what she needs in order to give her blessing, she said more flavours. Does she actually require more samples – or does she just want them? A good sign either way.  SoLo is getting a bite to the next round.

Group Date #2


ONE bar continues to shine. I hope I’m not allowing my infatuation to cloud my judgement on if this is a realistic relationship or not. I don’t know if I’ve ever even seen the product in Canadian Stores.

temp1Invited but didn’t show up. Wow, these guys are hard to track down. You can pre-order them online, but I don’t think I’m ready to commit to a box of 12. Plus, I’m a hungry runner, I don’t have the patience for pre-ordering!!!

5After Coach Lynn’s “Brazilian Workout” I was in need of a protein pick-me-up and this was my bar of choice. TBH I was let down. Tasted very artificial and wasn’t worth the extra $krilla. I’ve tried better Quest flavours (ex. raspberry cheesecake), but I’m not in love with this one.

0022252233030_CF_version_type_largeSampled this bar post long run around a hilly lake in Cali. Tasted great, a little shy of the protein content I’m looking for but the flavour made up for it. Not sure if you can get this Luna “protein” variation in Canada? I will have to investigate.

The Chomping Ceremony:

Safe: Simply, SoLo, ONE, Picky, Nakd, Vega, & Clif

Eliminated: RXBAR, Temple, & Quest

Next Time:

WAR. SUGAR. What is it good for? How much sweetness should I have in my life? How much is too much? Time to start asking some complex (carbohydrate) questions.

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