2018 Season Opener(s)

My 2018 track season has officially opened! After a few hours and an IN-N-OUT burger combo to give me hindsight, I have positive feelings about my race experiences this weekend.

Day #1 Bryan Clay

Heat sheets didn’t come out until 20 minutes before the race, 13 girls were on the start line, the leader went out in 63 and closed in a 60, and I was boxed in (too far) behind her. It was chaos. To quote Kirsten: “your race looked like Victoria’s Secret on Black Friday.”

Takeaways: despite thinking “oh this is a good spot I’m right on the inside” it was in fact not a good spot (unless I wanted to get boxed in #sad). At 300m to go when the leaders surged I was trapped and couldn’t find any free room to run. I managed to finish strong but was frustrated with the 2:07.23 – even though I know times don’t really matter at this point in the season (I will keep telling myself this until I believe it). I know I have more to give!


Running is hard! I am tired.

Highlight of the meet was watching the 1500s at night. The atmosphere was electric and the depth of the field was insane. It almost made me want to run a 1500m. Almost.

Jack raced 3:48.37 aggressively, looking strong, focused, and springy (until the last 50m when he “sat in the chair”). His time was quicker than he ran all of last season! (#SpeedGoogles). It was also awesome to see Lindsey run 4:10 (I had to get out a second set of speedy goggles) and Justin Knight ran 3:36 in the same race that Josh Kerr broke the American collegiate record in 3:35. WOW, by the end of the night I was wearing so many speed goggles Jack had to guide me to our Uber.

Summary: Bryan Clay really has it going on (especially in the music department, the playlist was as fire as the 1500s #HilaryDuff).

Day #2 Beach Invitational

After finishing Season 2 of the OC (when in California), Jack and I packed up and left our somewhat sketchily-located Airbnb and headed to Long Beach. They’ve completely redone the stadium so it looked nothing like my fond memories racing there in my UBC days.


2015 UBC 800m Squad @ the Long Beach Invitational

I was in the fastest section and I was the fastest seed so I wanted victory but alas, I finished 4th in my race. Tactically, I ran much better than yesterday, getting out quick and into a better position. But the sloooooow down from 200-400m was brutal. After a decent 200m we went through 400m in 65… Which feels WAY different than the 60/61 I’m lusting after. I heard someone saying it’s more fun to run an 800 off a slow first lap but I have to disagree. It’s an uncomfy pace and the transition to sprinting at the end is a rough one when you’re not in peak racing shape. I attempted to make a move at 300m to go, but my hesitation cost me and instead of powerfully striding to the front I zig-zagged around in a confused manner similar to when I was looking for my Uber pool pick up spot after the race. OK it wasn’t that bad but it was a good reminder that the 800m is not kind to hesitation.

The more I write this the more fired up I am to get back out there. I did have the usual moment before the race of “WHY AM I DOING THIS” but the aftermath is always the reminder: because it makes me feel accomplished, powerful, and alive.

I’ve heard that patience is a virtue. So while I’m keen to showcase my fitness and prove to myself that I’m capable of more, I’ll settle for two negative splits and an injury-free start to the racing season! That’s already more than I can say for last year.


Love my new racing top – thanks Rackets & Runners!

Trip Highlights:

  • Did I already mention we went to IN-N-OUT? Real talk, Jack said Whitespot makes a better burger and I’m going to have to agree with him. Still worth the hype though.
  • I made an excellent grocery list and we managed to make all our meals off one $36 grocery shop #HumbleBrag
  • Spending time/traveling with Jack (aaaawwwwwwwww)
  • Seeing so many familiar faces at the meets! Track family is the best family ❤

Trip Lowlights:

  • The pollution in LA! My track hack is next level. Explaining track hack to your Uber/Airbnb companions gains you some sceptical looks. I swear I don’t have TB or smoke 5 packs a day!
  • Related to the above… The traffic! Getting anywhere took twice as long as I expected
  • The mucus. I’m feeling way better than last week but the amount of snot I’ve produced over the last few days is certainly a personal best
  • The blisters! There was more fire on the track that my times indicate – the side of my foot has been roasted off. At least my feet looked great in my new ELMN8 spikes

Time to get back to work. I think my next race will be around the second week of May… Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

xoxo Devan

PS Wondering what protein bar I had after my race?


It was the SimplyProtein Maple Pecan bar – bringing some additional Canada flavour to the races



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