After the Final Bite

What do an elite track and field athlete, a mom with a PhD and constantly-stamped passport, a fifth-year UBC student who loves hiking and geomorphology, and two Grandparents tending exploding gardens in rural Nova Scotia have in common? Aside from our last name, we’re all newly recruited fans of SoLo Energy Bar!

I reached out to SoLo a few months ago during my quest for the perfect energy bar (if you’re looking for some entertainment check it out here), and my heart smiled to learn that they loved me too. I’ve been an athlete ambassador since June and I’ve been making busy work of eating my complimentary product.

Since the last bite (finale of my Energy Bar Bachelorette series), life has been pretty fun. I traveled to Portland, Canadian Track and Field Nationals, Europe, and enjoyed some down time at my family’s cottage in Nova Scotia. SoLo and I are definitely in the honeymoon phase – I can’t stop talking about them and I wouldn’t dream of looking at another bar.SoLo has also had some time to get to know my family, and it’s been going great…

Introducing SoLo bar to my family:


“Sharing is Caring”

My sister Emma (the hiking geographer) loves this phrase. She’s been using it with limited success on me for years. Usually she’s after my closet, but lately my friends and family are after something else – and it’s low GI, tastes amazing, and gives you energy to keep going.

untitled1.pngI am still working on sharing clothes, but I have learned to love sharing food (as long as I still get some). The first time I thrust a SoLo bar at Emma she was a little skeptical, probably wondering what was wrong with it since I was willing to let it go. However, after I rambled on about some of the benefits (click here for research page) and how it had made it into my “final three” she gave it a go.

My point is, I’m not great at sharing anything, let alone things I like and have a finite number of, so what prompted my sharing of SoLo bars?

Because when you love something you set it free.

I’m serious.

Instead of hoarding my bars like a greedy chipmunk getting ready for winter, sharing has been super fun and helped me appreciate everyone’s different lifestyles and use cases for sustained energy.

Emma’s Use Case


Favourite flavours: mocha fudge, dark chocolate mandarin

Emma loves being in nature and has traveled the world experiencing different environments. From observing rock striations in BC, pointing out drumlins in New Zealand, and studying microinvertebrates in Belize, she’s a busy gal. She is also a reformed picky eater which is why I was extra excited for her to be introduced to SoLo. Now she has something to pack in her bag on her next adventure, and while she’ll be polite and try the local food on special, I think my mom rests easier knowing she has a back-up snack to keep her going.

Mama J’s Use Case:


Favourite flavours: Lemon Lift, White Chocolate Cherry

Jocelyn jumped on the SoLo Bar band wagon before I did. Within the past year she joined a gym and has been going on all sorts of awesome adventures, including a 90km hiking expedition in Iceland in July! To fuel her outdoor pursuits she started packing SoLo bars and hasn’t looked back. She enjoys the bars as a tasty snack on the trail, but also as a back-up nutrition option for some of her research-related travels. As I type she is on her way to Mongolia where she’ll speak at a conference about the research she and her UBC-based team have been working on. This will be her fourth trip to Mongolia and while she really enjoys the culture and people, the food is very different from what she’s used to. While it’s very *special* to be offered various sheep bits with a dollop of fat to wash down with some Mongolian vodka, I think her tummy will thank her for the SoLo bars she has squirrelled away in her luggage.

PS. when I asked my mom what flavour of bars she wanted when I was placing a SoLo order she originally typo requested “white chocolate chilli”… Could this be a new flavour suggestion for the SoLo R&D team?

Grandma & Grandpa’s Use Case:


Favourite flavours: dark chocolate coconut mint and lemon lift

My Grandma is not a big eater. I was stunned and amazed when she ate an entire hamburger one night when we BBQ’d on the cottage porch. She frequently skips meals and I worry she might not be getting enough energy to power her through her busy days. My grandparents have a beautiful property in Nova Scotia where we joke they’re building an arc as they currently house two horses, two cats, and two dogs. They’re kept very busy caring for the animals and tending their impressive flower and vegetable gardens, so if anyone needs to avoid a spike and a crash of energy it’s these two!

When I left each of them a SoLo bar I wasn’t expecting them to be devoured the next morning, and to receive such glowing reviews. Further good news – SoLo is stocked at Sobey’s (the nearest grocery story to their house), so they can access the bars without me bringing them from BC.

A family that snacks together stays together

Bye for now, I’m on my way to Edmonton to celebrate my other Grandparents 65th wedding anniversary. Any guesses what I’ll be bringing them as a gift? 😉


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