Product Review: Brooks Ghost 13

The internet claims that if you’re friends with someone for seven years you’ll be friends for life. The Brooks Ghost and I have officially passed that milestone and I could not be more excited to meet the newest version of my daily running companion – the Ghost 13.

I initially started wearing the cushioned neutral shoe for comfort alone, but have since come to appreciate the versatility and ability to seamlessly transition from long runs to peppier fartlek-style workouts. The roomy toe box accommodates all foot types and the upper hugs your foot for a custom feel, depending on how tight you choose to lace ’em up. They are nimble enough to scamper along the trails of Pacific Spirit Park and are also a great road shoe for your next *virtual* road race. 

What I’ve come to expect with the Brooks Ghost:

  • Cushioning that feels sooooo nice. The Glycerine is the ultimate comfy Brooks shoe, but as I tend to want something that enables me to run a bit quicker, I find the Ghost a better fit.
  • A reliable price point
  • It’s always a nice looking shoe. As a former shoe-fitter, colour is the last thing I want you to care about when looking for a new shoe… but it certainly doesn’t hurt that Brooks excels in fit and appearance 

New to the Ghost 13:

  • Brooks doesn’t mess around, the Ghost is one of their best loved products so you won’t see any crazy changes to the model.
  •  In recent years they’ve been perfecting the upper to make it more and more comfortable without sacrificing durability and fit. The newest version is seamless and super comfy.
  • The 13 has the “DNA Loft” foam around the entire shoe (older models focused on heel cushioning) and it gives an enhanced feel without adding any bulk. 

Make sure you head over to Rackets & Runners* and try a pair for yourself!

Run Happy, 


*or your favourite local running store if you’re not in Vancouver

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Canadian track and field athlete

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